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Customer Service Training | Keys To Satisfy Your Customers is an introduction to customer service and its importance in any business.


In Customer Service Training Course, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Customer Service such as Definition, Type, the Skillset required to be successful and Customer Service Operation Management.

Course content

There are 4 sections whit 12 lectures. Time to complete: 56m total length approx

Customer Service overview (6 lectures for approx 21 minutes)
1. Introduction - 01:20 minutes
2. Customer Service Definition - 01:50 minutes
3. Call, Email & Live chat Support - 04:04 minutes
4. Other support channels - 05:41 minutes
5. Other types of CS - 05:15 minutes
6. Customer Service Role - 02:55 minutes

Customer Service Skillsets: (3 lectures for approx 20 minutes)
7. Skillset for Customer Service - 07:31 minutes
8. How to deal with complaints - 04:38 minutes
9. CS career path - 07:35 minutes

Customer service Operation Management (2 lectures for approx 14 minutes)
10. CS metrics - 08:20 minutes
11. Customer Sentiment Score - 05:31 minutes

Ending Project (1 lecture for approx 2 minutes)

12. Ending project - 02:01 minutes

Obiettivi didattici

Learnig Path

We'll work together discuss the following 4 chapters:

  1. Customer Service Overview - You will understand the definition, common type of customer service and its importance to the company.
  2. Customer Service skillsets - In this chapter, I will share skillsets that required to be fulfilled if you want to follow with Customer Service as your career and how to develop them for your career path. We will discuss how to deal with complaints, which are day-in, day-out things you need facing.
  3. Call Center Metrics - This chapter will be the metrics and KPIs we need to know for a call center operation to make sure it runs smoothly. I will share knowledge about Customer Sentiment Score, along with the social listening tool, which is so important for companies to prevent social crisis and build a good and long term relationship with the customer. I have attached the HC calculation formula on the course resource, with which you can calculate the number of headcounts (HC) needed for your team to operate well the CS team based on other indicators like required SLA, average contact volume, average handling time, etc.
  4. Small Project - It will be Zappos story, which has been well-known for their excellent customer service. We will discuss which factors making them successful in customer service.

If you're a complete beginner to Customer Service, interested in joining this field or who is looking for a solution to your customer service department, this course is for you. Hopefully, you'll find something under "Customer Service Training Course" that's useful for your career path or business.

The teacher:

My name is Nghia Tran (English name is Jack) - I'm an international customer service expert working in some areas such as Travel OTA and Online Education. With 5 years of experience in customer since I was a second-year student, I want to share all knowledge and experience in customer service, with the development in career path from Customer Service intern agent to a Customer Service Expert (or maybe from Junior level to the management/chief level).

Let's explore the Customer Service Training Course now!

Struttura del corso

Who this course is for:

  • Customer Service Department Management
  • Beginner in Customer Service or being interested in joining Customer Service as the career
  • Looking for a solution to your customer service department
  • Find a job in customer service
  • Learn new skills
  • Call Center Management

This course is added onto our catalogue to help you to preparing for a career in Customer Service.

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