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Lessons: 8
Livello: Foundational
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Make great data visualizations. A great way to see the power of coding!

Lesson 1 - Hello, Seaborn

  • Your first introduction to coding for data visualization

Lesson 2 - Line Charts

  • Visualize trends over time

Lesson 3 - Bar Charts and Heatmaps

  • Use color or length to compare categories in a dataset

Lesson 4 - Scatter Plots

  • Leverage the coordinate plane to explore relationships between variables

Lesson 5 - Distributions

  • Create histograms and density plots

Lesson 6 - Choosing Plot Types and Custom Styles

  • Customize your charts and make them look snazzy

Lesson 7 - Final Project

  • Practice for real-world application

Lesson 8 - Creating Your Own Notebooks

  • How to put your new skills to use for your next personal or work project

Obiettivi didattici

In this hands-on micro-course, you'll learn how to take your data visualizations to the next level with seaborn, a powerful but easy-to-use data visualization tool. To use seaborn, you'll also learn a bit about how to write code in Python, a popular programming language

Struttura del corso

Completing Data Visualization will equip you with the foundation you need to further your learning the one of the most sought after professionality in the market.

  • Empowered Learning & Job Preparedness
  • Set goals and create a personal action plan to support a coding and Machine Learning journey.
  • Preparing for Job-readiness
  • Planning for personal and professional growth
  • Planning and Producing a portfolio
  • Developing professional attitudes

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Data Analytics & Visualization
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