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The Canva Design School is Canva's educational platform, blog, interactive workshop series, and teacher resource hub, aimed at increasing the world's visual literacy. The key components of Canva’s Design School are:

  • Interactive Online Design Course. Take interactive tutorials on branding, fonts, layouts, images and more. Track your progress and share your results with friends.
  • Daily Design Publication. Read great content every day on Canva’s Design School blog. Our range of experts will share practical tips that you can use.
  • Teacher Resources Portal and Lesson Plans. A comprehensive series of workshops and lesson plans designed for teachers to use in the classroom. Teach your students the importance of visual communication with practical classroom activities.

Obiettivi didattici


01.Design to communicate

  • What we mean when we talk about design
  • Why design matters to you
  • How everyone can learn to think like a designer
  • Lesson - 2:14

02.Moodboard magic

  • How to begin the design process
  • How to create a moodboard
  • Where to find inspiration
  • Lesson - 1:37 + Activity

03.Practise proximity

  • How to use visual space to enhance your content
  • The importance of grouping related items together
  • How to use negative space effectively
  • Lesson - 1:47 + Activity

04. Ace alignment

  • The purpose of alignment
  • How to use grids to keep your content organized
  • How to align your elements in one consistent way
  • Lesson - 1:55 + Activity

05. What the font!?

  • Understand the difference between serif, sans serif and display fonts and when to use them
  • Learn how to use different font styles to match your message
  • Create a go-to list of your favorite fonts
  • Lesson - 1:52 + Activity

06. Opposites attract

  • Learn how to pair fonts by staying within one family
  • Learn how to avoid conflict in font pairing
  • Learn that opposites attract when it comes to fonts
  • Lesson - 2:02 + Activity

07. Make it pop!

  • Use visual hierarchy to make the most important information stand out
  • Create contrast with size, weight, colour, style
  • Be bold when it comes to contrast
  • Lesson - 1:44 + Activity

08.Color wheel basics

  • Understand the color wheel, looking at primary and secondary colors
  • Learn about complementary, analogous and triad color relationships
  • Lesson - 1:58 + Activity

09.Tints and shades

  • Learn the difference between warm and cool colors
  • Learn the difference between shading and tinting
  • Learn how to add richness and variety to your color palette
  • Lesson - 1:41 + Activity

10. Color combos

  • How to choose your colors based on a logical approach
  • How to pick colour to fit your theme
  • How to seek inspiration for your color palette
  • Lesson 1:39

11.Photo love

  • How to choose the right image to tell a story
  • How to work with negative space and composition
  • How to give contrast to text
  • Lesson - 1:42 + Activity

12. Share and publish

  • What file formats you can download your design as
  • What file format should you choose
  • The difference between JPEGs, PNGs and PDFs
  • Lesson - 1:53

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