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Course delivered in English
Lessons: 10
Level: Intermediate
Access: Free Online Course (Audit)

Sales Manago Certified as Marketing Automation Specialist is an advanced course with 10 lessons covering 46 key marketing areas ending with a FREE certification test. This course will improve your omnichannel & marketing personalization skills and allow you to acquire completely new knowledge on building automated marketing processes

Learning Path:
Lesson 1: Monitoring websites. Basic information about managing contacts.
Lesson 2: Email Marketing
Lesson 3: Database Segmentation
Lesson 4: Lead Generation
Lesson 5: Social Media
Lesson 6: Website Marketing
Lesson 7: Automation Processes
Lesson 8: Analytical Panels
Lesson 9: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Lesson 10: Mobile Marketing

Obiettivi didattici

Obiettivi Didattici:

You shall tackle 10-lessons course, which consists of the general overview of each lesson, educational movies, recommended educational materials, complementary materials, dictionary and FAQ section.

The platform will show you how to implement different features and later use them according to your marketing needs.

Each lesson will end with the knowledge test, which will give you the possibility to check the quality of your education. When you finish your test, you know the result, however you do not have an access to see the incorrect answers.

This will allow that every person who takes the test and studies all available materials would be able to verify incorrect answers without such assistance. There is no limit for you to take these tests. Remember that high score in each lesson will help you to succeed in the final test which can be awarded with SALESmanago certificate.

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