Corso Mastering the IT Networking Fundamentals: Mini Course


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Lessons: 11
Level: Beginners
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Become an expert in the IT Networking Fundamentals and learn how networking stuff practically works in the real world.

Course content
11 sections • 34 lectures • 1h 44m total length

This course includes:

1.INTRODUCTION - 2 lessons for 2 minutes approx

  • Welcome to the course - 01:11 min
  • Best way of taking the course - 01:01 min

2.NETWORK AND IT'S ELEMENT - 3 lessons for 5 minutes approx

  • What is a Network? - 01:54 min
  • What are Nodes? - 02:21 min
  • Concept of Intermediary Nodes - 00:48 min
  • Can you identify Nodes? - 2 questions

3.TYPES OF TOPOLOGIES - 3 lessons for 6 minutes approx

  • What is a Topology? - 00:50 min
  • The traditional Bus Topology - 03:07 min
  • Ring Topology - 02:07 min

4.TYPES OF NETWORK - 3 lessons for 8 minutes approx

  • Types of Networks - 01:04 min
  • PAN- Personal Area Networks - 02:41 min
  • LAN Vs MAN Vs WAN Networks - 04:04 mmin

5.NETWORKING DEVICES - 4 lessons for 16 minutes approx

  • What is a Networking Repeater? - 02:44 min
  • What is a Networking Hub? - 02:18 min
  • What is a Networking Switch? - 02:40 min

6.NETWORK ADDRESSES ESSENTIAL - 4 lessons for 16 minutes approx

  • Logical and Physical Network Address - 02:47 min
  • What are IP Addresses? - 06:22 min
  • What are MAC Addresses? - 04:54 min
  • Why the Hexadecimal notation? - 01:57 min

7.PROTOCOLS GOVERNING THE NETWORK - 4 lessons for 22 minutes approx

  • The OSI Network Model - 04:19 min
  • How the Upper Layers work? - 04:11 min
  • How the Lower Layers work? - 05:42 min
  • OSI explained with an example - 07:43 min
  • Can you answer these? - 2 questions

8.VIRTUAL NETWORKS - VLANs - 4 lessons for 14 minutes approx

  • What is a VLAN? - 03:44 min
  • Collision Domains and Broadcast Domains - 06:14 min
  • Sub Networks and Subnetting - 03:54 min
  • Your help is needed here! - excercise 00:14 min
  • Activity - Find the Domains - 3 questions

9.ADDITIONAL NETWORKING SERVICES - 3 lessons for 13 minutes approx

  • The idea behind DHCP - 01:49 min
  • What is Domain Name System(DNS) - 04:31 min
  • What is Address Resolution Protocol(ARP) - 06:33 min

10.WIRELESS NETWORKING - 3 lessons for 9 minutes approx

  • What are Access Points? - 01:23 min
  • Keys of the 4-way Handshake - 06:20 min
  • Summarizing 4-Way Handshake - 01:46 min

11.WHAT NEXT FROM HERE - 2 lessons for 1 minutes approx

  • What next from here? - 00:49 min
  • A thank you note!!! - 00:29 min

Obiettivi didattici

What will you cover throughout the course?

We'll start from "What is a Network?" moving to "How the DNS works?" then to "How the Subnets and VLAN work?" and much more. We'll not stop there, after you're done analyzing all this, later in the course, you'll learn how the 4-way Wi-Fi Handshake works.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to understand the following:

  1. What are Networks and their types?
  2. The Networking Devices- Repeater, Hub & Switch
  3. What is a Logical and Physical Network Address?
  4. How the Address Resolution Protocol(ARP) works
  5. Collision Domains and Broadcast Domains - what's the difference?
  6. The OSI Model with a real-world example
  7. The idea behind DHCP assigning you IP addresses
  8. Working on the Domain Name System(DNS)
  9. Wi-Fi and Access Points
  10. Summary of the Wi-Fi 4-way handshake


  • A Laptop or PC with an internet connection.
  • I'll walk you through, step-by-step, if anything need to be installed.

Struttura del corso

This course is useful to:

  • This course is for anyone willing to get started with the fundamentals of Networking in I.T.
  • This course is for anyone trying to upgrade their knowledge in the networking sector.
  • This course is for anyone who is wishing to start a sound career in networking and its services.

The main concept of this course

After finishing the course, you will be confident enough to explain and clarify all the networking stuff to yourself as well as to those who are in need of some solid and clear fundamentals.

  • IT Networking Fundamentals
  • What are Networks and how they work
  • Network Addresses and their concept

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