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What is MyTrailhead
MyTrailhead is a customized learning platform that represents a company and its brand. It is similar to Trailhead and is a gamified way to help employees learn and keep them interested by allowing them to earn badges and points.

Modules for MyTrailhead including both setup/admin and how to write for MyTrailhead. This Course can be completed in Approx 3 hrs 45 mins

  • Module 1 - Writing Style
    Learn to write conversationally with these style tips. (+300 POINTS)
  • Module 2 -Writing for myTrailhead
    Create engaging myTrailhead content for your company. (+300 POINTS)
  • Trail 1 - Create New Learning Experiences with myTrailhead
    Foster a culture of learning at your company by building and publishing custom, gamified modules and trails. (+1,800 POINTS)

Obiettivi didattici

Trailhead is a free, online learning platform that’s a fun, engaging way for anyone to learn new skills and earn career credentials. Salesforce Trailhead consists of a library of content that Salesforce has produced, intended to help anyone learn in-demand technical, business, and soft skills. With myTrailhead, your company can implement that same platform on a separate, branded subdomain, and then deliver original content that fulfills your company’s learning requirements.

Content Differences between myTrailhead and Salesforce Trailhead
Salesforce Trailhead uses the full power of the Salesforce Platform to deliver some enhanced functionality that isn’t available for myTrailhead.

Salesforce Trailhead includes some content types that aren’t available in myTrailhead:

  • Project - A hands-on activity where a learner follows steps to build an app, component, process, or workflow. A project can be standalone or included in a trail.
  • Superbadge - A large project that spans a feature area and provides a real-life business scenario that a learner must implement successfully.
    Salesforce Trailhead also supports another option for a unit’s assessment:
  • Hands-on Challenge
    An assessment type that requires a learner to complete specific steps in an actual Salesforce org that they use for practice.

Struttura del corso

This course is managed by the external partner Trailhead. In order to take this course you will need to register on their Academy platform where you can take advantage of this and many other courses on offer. Trailhead will not issue you a Certification. We will do it!

Once you have finished the course, go back to the course page in Guilds42 to upload proof of completion (jpg / png / pdf). Your document will be evaluated and if appropriate and verifiable, you will find this certification validated in the dashboard.

Assessment & Strategy
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