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Lessons: 7
Level: Intermediate
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Who should take the course?

This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced digital media planners and buyers as well as marketing professionals interested in integrating Native Advertising in their marketing plan. We’ll give you the concepts, tools, and best practices you need to get the best results.

Learning Path of Academy Courses

  1. Introduction - Introduction to Outbrain Academy - 5 min
  2. The Native Advertising Revolution - Module 1 - The Native Advertising Revolution 7 min + Quiz 1 with 6 questions
  3. Smartly Diversify Your Media Mix - Module 2 - Smartly Diversify Your Media Mix 7 min - Quiz 2 with 6 questions
  4. The Best Solution by KPI - Module 3 - The Best Solution by KPI 7 min + Quiz 3 with 6 questions
  5. Creative Planning for Success - Module 4 - Creative Planning for Success 7 mins + Quiz 4 with 6 questions
  6. Advanced Native Advertising Strategies - Module 5 - Advanced Native Advertising Strategies 7 min + Quiz 5 with 6 questions
  7. Outbrain 101 - Module 6 - Outbrain 101 5 min

Obiettivi didattici

At the completion of this course, you'll understand how to define Native Advertising and why it became such a popular advertising choice; the importance of diversifying outside the walled gardens and why a trusted environment is key to brand success. You'll know about the latest Native Advertising formats and how to appropriately leverage them to meet your campaign goals at any stage of the funnel. Additionally, you will be empowered with key insights and best practices to effectively target and buy Native Advertising.

Struttura del corso

Completing this course will help you:

  • To understand how to define Native Advertising and why it became such a popular advertising choice; 
  • The importance of diversifying outside the walled gardens and why a trusted environment is key to brand success. 
  • The latest Native Advertising formats and how to appropriately leverage them to meet your campaign goals at any stage of the funnel. 
  • To be  empowered with key insights and best practices to effectively target and buy Native Advertising.

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