Corso Prospecting in HubSpot, Part 2: Connecting With Your Contacts


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Lessons: 6
Level: Beginners
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Course info:

If you’re in sales, you’ve probably felt the frustration of having a bunch of meaningless tasks standing between you and your quota. Whether that’s data entry or internal processes or simply trying to find the right information, there are a lot of things that can get in the way of actually selling. Luckily, Sales Hub has a ton of tools designed to help with this very problem. In this lesson, you'll learn to use these tools to become more efficient in prioritizing and communicating with your leads.

Course structure: Prospecting in HubSpot, Part 2: Connecting With Your Contacts contains 7 videos and can be completed in approx 35 minutes

  • Creating Tasks - 6 minutes
  • Working Through a Task Queue - 3 minutes
  • Calling Your Contacts - 3 minutes
  • Using Templates and Documents - 6 minutes
  • Booking Meetings - 2 minutes
  • Scheduling Emails and Follow-up Tasks - 3 minutes
  • Using Sequences - 4 minutes
  • Quiz yourself - 3 questions
  • Practical exercise - Create a task
  • Practical exercise - Create or send a sales email template

During this course you will be asked to perform 2 Practical Exercises on Hubspot: "Create a Task" and "Create or send a sales email template"

Exercise instructions

  • This exercise is required in order to complete the lesson. It will be graded automatically. Make sure your account meets the criteria.
  • Should you need to open a developer licence (free) you should follow instructions here
  • When you've finished the exercise, it'll be graded within 24 hours.
  • You must pass this exercise to become certified.

Struttura del corso

This course is managed by the external partner Hubspot Academy. In order to take this course you will need to register on their Academy platform where you can take advantage of this and many other courses on offer.

Once you have finished the course, go back to the course page in Guilds42 to upload "evidence of completion (jpg / png / pdf). Your document will be evaluated and if appropriate and verifiable, you will find this certification validated in the dashboard.

Why this Certification might prove useful to you?

Improve CV

  • By completing this Course you can demonstrate to employers that you have a clear understanding of Hubspot
  • You can also add the course to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Building a Career:

  • Certification or Courses are proof of your real digital skills and your desire to learn - two essential qualities in today's business world.
  • If you demonstrate these qualities, you are more likely to find the job you want.
  • By improving your digital knowledge, you can find a job, get a promotion or start a new career.
  • Learn new skills with short video tutorials, then test your preparation with quick quizzes.

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