Corso Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver version 2.1


Course delivered in English
Lessons: 1
Level: Intermediate
Access: Paid Online Certification (price may vary)

The Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer examinations are intended for engineers who design, develop, and/or operate Ruby-based systems, consultants who make Ruby-based system proposals, and instructors who teach Ruby. Those who are certified are recognized for their skills as Ruby engineers and as having high levels of Ruby-based system development capabilities. Those who pass the examination are certified by the Ruby Association as a Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer.

Names and levels of qualification (examination)

  1. Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver version 2.1:

This is a basic skill-level certification of the knowledge on the background, grammar, classes, objects, and standard libraries of Ruby.

Study Materials For the Silver Exam

  1. Ruby Association official prep test (PDF)
  2. New prep test for the Silver exam
  3. The Ruby Programming Language
  4. Programming Ruby

Obiettivi didattici

Outline of examination Silver

  • Test time: 90 minutes
  • Method: Computer Based Testing
  • Number of questions: 50 (multiple choice)
  • passing score: 75 %
  • target version: Ruby2.1.x


  • Comment
  • Literal (e.g., numbers, booleans, strings, characters, arrays, hashes)
  • Variables, constants, and scope
  • Operators
  • Conditional branching
  • Loops
  • Exception handling
  • Method calls
  • Blocks
  • Method definition
  • Class definition
  • Module definition
  • Multilingualization

Built-in libraries

  • Well-used built-in classes and modules(e.g., Object, Numerical classes, String, Array, Hash, Kernel, Enumerable, Comparable)

Examination fee: USD 150 (Education Pricing)

Struttura del corso

The Ruby Programming Language

Ruby is an object oriented scripting language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1993. Since then it has received high praise around the world for combining powerful object oriented programming functionality with the ease of use of a scripting language. With the popularity of the Ruby on Rails web application framework first announced in 2004, Ruby is now widely used in web applications and in infrastructure tools for tasks like server management. We hope to see Ruby used in an even wider range of applications in the future.

This course is managed by the external partner Ruby Association platform. In order to take this course you will need to register on their Academy platform where you can take advantage of this and many other materials on offer.

Complete both courses (Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Silver version 2.1 and Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Gold version 2.1) and earn the Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer Examination.

In order to achieve this certification you will be required to pay a "Examination fee of USD 150 (Education Pricing)". We understand that we cannot force anyone to incurr in this cost, however in this case the value on offer largely exceed the cost.

Should you decide not to pay the Examination fee but have completed all task and can prove it, please go back to the course page in Guilds42 to upload proof of completion (jpg / png / pdf).

Your document will be evaluated and if appropriate and verifiable, you will find this certification validated in the dashboard. Should it be possible in the near future we might decide to simply insert a validation quiz directly onto our platform; just not yet.


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