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Slack Analytics
Use metrics and dashboards to gain insight into how your organization uses Slack.

Course Info

This course can be tackled in approx 20 mins (+100 points)

  1. Translate Goals into Slack Metrics - Approx 10 mins
  2. Measure Adoption and Engagement - Approx 10 mins

Obiettivi didattici

Slack is a team collaboration and project management tool.

The platform can be used in-browser or as its own native app on desktop and mobile.
Slack provides value for businesses by facilitating team communication, providing timely business insights, and integrating with productivity tools
Usefull resources

Slack offers you a platform where you can find tutorial, user cases and user applications available at this link

Struttura del corso

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify business objectives and targets for Slack.
  • Recommend metrics to measure progress against targets.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • Adopting Slack as an investment—not just of financial resources, but also of time.

The more your organization uses Slack, the more important it is to understand how Slack is working for you.

In this module, you learn how to translate your organization’s vision for Slack into metrics you can track. We cover how to set goals for your team and how to assess them based on metrics you can find in Slack analytics dashboards. (By default, all Slack users have access to the Analytics section of their Slack account. If you don’t, check in with your Slack admin and ask them to turn access on for you.)

  • Get ready to replace “how things have always been done” with evidence-informed decision making.

Before we dive in, take a moment to think: How are you currently tracking your organization’s success in Slack? If the answer is that you don’t have a set way to measure success, never fear, you’re in the right place!

  • Translate Your Goals into Objectives

Success looks different for each organization. As you make your way through this module, you get an idea of which success metrics are relevant to your goals. Perhaps you’re focused on breaking down silos across office locations or supporting remote work. Or maybe the key to success for your company is protecting the investments you’ve made in existing software. 

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