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Lessons: 6
Level: Beginners
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Course info:

Understanding Segmentation in Hubspot has 6 videos and can be completed in just 17 minutes

  • Why is segmentation important? - 2 minutes
  • How do you build segments? - 2 minutes
  • What are the types of segments you can build? - 3 minutes
  • When to use a segment vs a report - 2 minutes
  • How to create a list in HubSpot - 1 minute
  • Practical exercise - Create an Active List in HubSpot
  • Where to use segmentation in HubSpot - 1 minute
  • Quiz yourself - 3 questions

During this course you will be asked to perform a Practical Exercise on Hubspot: Create an Active List in HubSpot

Exercise instructions

  • This exercise is required in order to complete the lesson. It will be graded automatically. Make sure your account meets the criteria.
  • Should you need to open a developer licence (free) you should follow instructions here
  • When you've finished the exercise, it'll be graded within 24 hours.
  • You must pass this exercise to become certified.

Obiettivi didattici

This Course is part of a series of Hubspot Professional Learning path focalised in WORKFLOW. The whole course is accessible at the following link and it has a total of 6 Lessons,6 Quizzes: and 3 Practical exercises which can be done in approx 2 hours

To make it more appetible we have separated the 6 lessons into "individual" short certification on The 6 courses are:

  1. Nurture Leads and Customers With HubSpot
  2. Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
  3. Understanding Segmentation in Hubspot
  4. Creating a High Performing Email
  5. Understanding Email in Hubspot
  6. Understanding Workflows in Hubspot

Completing this course will help you fully understand:

  • how to interact, engage, and delight.
  • Each piece of the inbound methodology comes together to spin your business's flywheel.
  • Nurturing your customers—and potential customers—will help you and your business continue to grow.
  • Learn how to build a segmentation strategy for your business, develop high-performing emails, and continue to nurture with HubSpot automation.

Struttura del corso

Creating a segmentation and contact management strategy can help you create and organize the relationships your business is developing with people. In this lesson, you'll learn why segmentation is important and how to set up segmentation in HubSpot using the lists tool.

This Course is managed by our patner Hubspot. In order to tackle it you will be required to unrole onto Hubspot Academy Platform, where you will be able to find this and many other courses and Certifications. 

Once you have completed the course on Hubspot Academy, even without having completed the last tutorial (which requires access to an Enterprise License) go back to this page and take the final quiz. Upon passing the test, you will automatically be assigned this certification in the dashboard.

Be Advised: during the unroling process you might be prompted a Company domain and the name of the Company. Please enter e Guilds42 when asked.

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