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Good advertising creativity sells products. So how do you create compelling Facebook ads that grab the customer's attention and convert into sales? In this course Taylor Holiday, CEO of Common Thread Collective and co-founder of ADmission, will teach you the AIDA framework for advertising creativity that leads to ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

In this course, taught by Taylor Holiday, you will learn:
1) What makes good ad creative
2) How to analyze how to evaluate creative performance
3) Recognize how to use the data to iterate on ad parts.

Remember: The Shopify Compass platform does not issue certifications; you will therefore not find an exam waiting for you at the end. Given the value of these modules, however, Guilds42 will offer you a final quiz to overcome. In that case you will find the certification in your Dashboard.

Obiettivi didattici

Course Structure

You will find 4 modules of about ten minutes each:

  • How to Create, Differentiate and Measure Ad Content
  • Evaluating Creative Performance
  • Iterating on Ad “Parts”
  • The AIDA The Hall of Fame (case studies)

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