Corso Development Fundamentals


Course delivered in English
Lessons: 6
Level: Beginners/Intermediate
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Whether you build products or offer client services, the Shopify ecosystem has endless resources to get you started. Get to know the business opportunities and technical tools available to designers, app developers, and software specialists.

This course is intended to introduce Shopify’s development opportunities to a broad audience and does not contain in-depth technical tutorials. For an in-depth look at Shopify app development practices please consult our App development fundamentals course.

Course Structure:


  • Introduction
  • Developing for commerce
  • Development purpose
  • Benefits of developing with Shopify
  • Knowledge check


  • Store setup and configuration
  • Extending Shopify’s core features
  • Migrating merchants to Shopify
  • Knowledge check
  • Integrating third party software with Shopify
  • Building new sales channels
  • Connecting online retail to in-store buying experiences
  • Knowledge check


  • Extending Shopify’s core features
  • Knowledge check
  • Extending the reach of merchants
  • Integrating third party tools and services with Shopify
  • Knowledge check


  • Understanding the merchant
  • Knowledge check
  • Platform requirements
  • Publishing considerations
  • Knowledge check
  • Development best practices
  • Knowledge check


  • Developer tools overview
  • Liquid Overview
  • Shopify API Overview
  • Development tools and libraries


  • Development support, tools, and resources
  • Feedback

Obiettivi didattici

Shopify’s core is the heart of a merchant’s business, providing the features to fulfill the majority of their tasks and operations. However, the endless diversity of merchants means that there will always be merchants with unmet needs. Shopify Partners address this by developing products and services that allow merchants to meet their unique requirements.

Our platform offers features in every area of commerce to meet your merchants’ needs, and endless ways for you as a partner to extend and refine its functions. Shopify provides access to a variety of tools and resources to help you expand on our core offering and build third party features and functionality.

Key learnings
The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of how you as a developer can integrate Shopify into your business. We’ll cover the various opportunities to work with merchants, the benefits of Shopify as a development platform, and the resources you can leverage to be successful in developing solutions for Shopify.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to identify opportunities for custom development relevant to your clients/merchants and technical capacity
  • Understand the tools Shopify offers, and how some can serve multiple purposes
  • Be able to articulate the various ways in which the Shopify platform can be customized
  • Know where to find additional tools and support
  • Feel confident in taking the concrete next steps to begin development (e.g. creating a development store, making an API request)
  • Be ready to explore Shopify App Development in more depth through our App development fundamentals course.

Struttura del corso

This course is an excellent preparation for the App Development  Certification;  together with Introduction to Design Psychology, Designing for Conversion: Design Testing and Iteration and Design Principles and Techniques.

This course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete but may take more or less time depending on your existing knowledge and experience. Your progress will be saved so you can leave or resume the course at any time.

Improve the CV

  • By getting certified, you can show employers that you have a clear understanding of what Developing on Shopify means
  • You can also add the certification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Building a Career:

  • Certification is proof of your real digital skills and your desire to learn - two essential qualities in today's business world.
  • If you demonstrate these qualities, you are more likely to find the job you want.
  • By improving your digital knowledge, you can find a job, get a promotion or start a new career.
  • Learn new skills with short video tutorials, then test your preparation with quick quizzes.

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