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Course Info:

In this course, you‘ll get the behind-the-scenes strategies and templates you can use to 10x your following and (ideally your customers) on Instagram.

Course Structure:

  • Welcome to the Course! - 2:02 Minutes
  • 3 Reasons to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business - 1:01Minutes
  • How to Set Up Your Instagram Business Account - 2:02 Minutes
  • How to Audit Your Instagram Page - 3:08 Minutes
  • Frequently Asked Questions - 1:00 Minutes

01 | How to Build An Engaged Following on Instagram

  • How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work? - 2:48 Minutes
  • Discover Your Niche to Turn Viewers into Followers - 2:53 Minutes
  • 10 Ways to Find and Engage 1000 Raving Fans - 2:04 Minutes
  • Workshop: How to Build an Engaged Following - 6:45 Minutes

02 | How to Create Content that Converts Followers to Customers

  • The 7 Elements of an Instagram Post - 11:22 Minutes
  • Content Curation vs. Content Creation - 3:36 Minutes
  • 3 Content Strategies that Provide Real Value - 2:30 Minutes
  • How to Create Video Content on a Budget - 2:20 Minutes
  • How to Create an Engaging Instagram Story - 5:33 Minutes
  • 3 Keys to Hosting a Successful Instagram Live - 3:38 Minutes
  • Workshop: How to Create Content that Converts Followers to Customers - 13:05 Minutes

03 | Halfway There...

  • Check in with your Progress - 1:00 Minutes

04 | How to Create an Instagram Sales Funnel

  • The 5 Stages of the Instagram Sales Funnel - 1:56 Minutes
  • The ‘Pirate’ Framework that Can Take You From Zero to a Million Dollars - 2:10 Minutes
  • Awareness: 9 Methods to Generate Awareness - 4:17 Minutes
  • Activation: Turns Followers into Subscribers - 3:04 Minutes
  • Revenue: How to Use Shoppable Posts - 2:31 Minutes
  • Retention & Referral: 3 Methods to Create a Customer Connection - 2:37 Minutes
  • How to Use Instagram Analytics - 3:10 Minutes
  • Workshop: How to Create an Instagram Sales Funnel - 10:58 Minutes

05 | How to Make more Sales with Influencer Marketing

  • The Value of Influencers - 2:46 Minutes
  • How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Business - 5:13 Minutes
  • How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign - 2:42 Minutes
  • How to Reach Out and Brief an Influencer - 2:33 Minutes
  • Tracking Results to Evaluate Influencer Success - 2:23 Minutes
  • FinishLine: Gretta’s Final Words of Wisdom - 1:24 Minutes
  • Workshop: How to Make more Sales with Influencer Marketing - 9:08 Minutes

Obiettivi didattici

  • How do you build an engaged following and increase your sales on Instagram?
  • Is it about using the right hashtags? Taking the perfect photo? Posting at the right time?
  • If you want to learn how to build an engaged audience of buyers for your product, you’re in the right place to learn.

Your instructor, Gretta van Riel, is one of Australia’s top young serial entrepreneurs. With five multi-million dollar startups under her belt, Gretta prides herself on turning audiences into brands and trends into markets. She loves Instagram and has amassed over 16 million followers (bot-free) on 25 accounts on Instagram.

Why this Certification might prove useful to you?

Improve CV

  • By becoming certified, you can demonstrate to employers that you have a clear understanding of how to grow your business with Instagram.
  • You can also add the certification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Building a Career

  • Certification is proof of your real digital skills and your desire to learn - two essential qualities in today's business world.
  • If you demonstrate these qualities, you are more likely to find the job you want.
  • By improving your digital knowledge, you can find a job, get a promotion or start a new career.
  • Learn new skills with short video tutorials, then test your preparation with quick quizzes.
  • Take the final exam on Guilds42 academy

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