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Course delivered in English
Lessons: 8
Level: Intermediate
Access: Free Online Course (Audit)

This course contains lessons and resources to help web developers learn how to build and manage websites on the HubSpot CMS. You’ll learn how to use the CMS tools to create a wide variety of assets, and how to maximize your effectiveness with these tools to streamline your process and increase your productivity.

1.Getting Started with Hubspot CMS
In this lesson, you’ll learn about the tools and workflows developers use to build a variety of web assets in the HubSpot CMS.
6 videos for a total of 34 minutes

  • Introduction to the the HubSpot CMS for Developers - 4 minuti
  • Create your free CMS developer account - Article
  • Working with the HubSpot CMS - 4 minuti
  • Setting up the local development tools - 7 minuti
  • A developer’s tour of the HubSpot CMS file manager - 2 minuti
  • A developer’s tour of settings in the HubSpot CMS- 5 minuti
  • A developer’s tour of navigation options in the HubSpot CMS - 2 minuti
  • Join the Developer Slack - Article

2. HubL: The Templating Language of the Hubspot CMS
5 videos for a total of 21 minutes

  • What is HubL, and when would you use it? - 4 minuti
  • Fundamentals of HubL - 4 minuti
  • Module markup in coded templates - 2 minuti
  • What are HubL filters, and how are they used? - 4 minuti
  • Building a CSS rem macro with HubL - 5 minuti
  • Quiz yourself - 2 questions

3. Building Hubspot CMS Templates
3 videos for a total of 16 minutes

  • Overview of templates in the HubSpot CMS - 2 minuti
  • Creating a template in the HubSpot CMS - 6 minuti
  • Drag and drop areas in the HubSpot CMS - 8 minutes

4. Building Hubspot CMS Modules
4 videos for a total of 24 minutes

  • Overview of modules in the HubSpot CMS - 3 minuti
  • The anatomy of a module - 10 minuti
  • Creating a module - 6 minuti
  • Using modules in templates - 5 minuti

5.Building Hubspot CMS Themes
3 videos for a total of 25 minutes

  • A developer overview of HubSpot CMS themes - 3 minuti
  • The anatomy of a HubSpot CMS theme - 13 minuti
  • Building a theme - 10 minuti

6. Using HubDB in Hubspot
6 videos for a total of 32 minutes

  • What is HubDB, and when would you use it? - 4 minuti
  • Basic HubDB implementation - 8 minuti
  • Creating dynamic pages with HubDB - 5 minuti
  • Database schema and linking tables - 5 minuti
  • Using HubDB with JavaScript and the API - 2 minuti
  • Importing and exporting tables with CSV files - 4 minuti
  • Quiz yourself - 2 questions

7. CMS for developers Practicum
1 chapter for a total of 5 minutes

  • CMS for Developers Practicum - 2 minuti read
  • Submit link to your finished page (do not use upload option)
  • Upload a file or link to your work

8.CMS for developers Next Steps
10 minutes

  • Join HubSpot Academy for a live event(HubSpot community)
  • HubSpot CMS for Developers Certification Survey (Article)

40 minutes to complete

  • Here's what you need to know before taking this exam:
  • There are 40 questions.
  • The exam takes about 40 minuti to complete.
  • You must answer 30 questions correctly to pass.
  • You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
  • You have 3 ore to complete the exam.
  • Check your answers before submitting.
  • You can’t go back and change them after you click submit.

Obiettivi didattici

This Certification Course is managed by our patner Hubspot. In order to get this certification you will be required to unrole onto Hubspot Academy Platform, where you will be able to find this and many other courses and Certifications.

Be Advised: during the unroling process you might be prompted a Company domani and the name of the Company. Please enter e Guilds42 when asked.

Once you have finished the course, go back to the course page in Guilds42 to upload proof of completion (jpg / png / pdf). Your document will be evaluated and if appropriate and verifiable, you will find this certification validated in the dashboard.

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