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Lessons: 12
Level: Intermediate
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Course Info:

  • How to understand what the numbers are telling you on Google Analytics
  • How to create reports and dashboards that are meaningful and relevant to your business objectives
  • How to identify opportunities and gaps within your marketing strategy

Course Structure:

Module 1: Google Analytics: What is it and how do I set it up?

  • Introduction - 0:40 Minutes
  • A brief introduction to Google Analytics - 0:52 Minutes
  • Setting up your account - 4:25 Minutes
  • Creating views and filters - 5:17 Minutes

Module 2: Exploring the data and finding insights

  • Introduction - 0:42 Minutes
  • Digging into the reports - 9:22 Minutes
  • Digging into the reports (part two) - 8:50 Minutes
  • How to uncover insights - 4:48 Minutes
  • How to set-up goals and funnels - 6:15 Minutes

Module 3: Advanced techniques and customizations

  • Introduction - 0:51 Minutes
  • Customization: dashboards, alerts, and reports - 6:29 Minutes
  • Advanced features for even more insights - 6:37 Minutes

Obiettivi didattici

In today’s business climate, if you’re not data-driven you are leaving money on the table. Google Analytics is your best tool for making informed decisions for your ecommerce strategy.

Through this course you will learn how to put this power of analytics to work for you, so you can build a thriving ecommerce shop. From understanding what your top traffic sources are, to which products are generating you the most revenue, GA puts you firmly in control of your marketing and product selection

Why this Certification might prove useful to you?

Improve CV

  • By becoming certified, you can demonstrate to employers that you have a clear understanding of Introduction to Google Analytics
  • You can also add the certification to your CV and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Building a Career

  • Certification is proof of your real digital skills and your desire to learn - two essential qualities in today's business world.
  • If you demonstrate these qualities, you are more likely to find the job you want.
  • By improving your digital knowledge, you can find a job, get a promotion or start a new career.
  • Learn new skills with short video tutorials, then test your preparation with quick quizzes.
  • Take the final exam

Struttura del corso

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