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tematica Talent & Governance

Course delivered in English
Lessons: 12
Level: Beginners
Access: Free Online Course (Audit)

Learning Path:

This Learning Path has 8 different courses and can be completed, according to Linkedin, in 5h 26m

Course 1: Customer Service Foundations 1h 22m - By: Jeff Toister - Updated Nov 2020

Make your customers feel valued. Learn practical techniques for delivering outstanding customer service and increasing customer loyalty.

Course 2: Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting 32m - By: Noah Fleming - Released Jan 11, 2018

Learn critical problem-solving and troubleshooting processes for common sense customer service in a wide variety of applications.

Course 3: Building Rapport with Customers 27m - By: Myra Golden - Released Nov 30, 2018

Forge a human connection with your customers. Learn how to establish rapport within the first few seconds of a customer service interaction.

Course 4: Customer Service: Call Control Strategies 23m - By: Myra Golden - Released Aug 14, 2019

Get tips for communicating on the phone with upset customers. Discover time-saving call-control strategies to move customer issues to resolution.

Course 5: Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers 39m - By: David Brownlee - Released Apr 11, 2018

Learn strategies and techniques for handling abusive customers. Discover how to diffuse and refocus negative customer service interactions.

Course 6: Creating Positive Conversations with Challenging Customers 33m - By: Myra Golden - Released Apr 2, 2019

Learn how to put a positive slant on a negative situation, and leave your customers feeling heard and valued.

Course 7: De-Escalating Intense Situations 49m - By: Myra Golden - Released Mar 13, 2019

Successfully defuse intense situations with angry customers. Learn practical approaches for managing a customer's frustration, as well as your own.

Course 8: Customer Service: Serving Customers Through Chat and Text 38m - By: Leslie O'Flahavan - Released Dec 18, 2019

Provide top-notch customer service in the channels people love to use. Develop your chat and text writing skills to handle live, rapid-fire conversations.

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tematica Talent & Governance

Course delivered in English
Lessons: 12
Level: Beginners
Access: Free Online Course (Audit)

Learning Path:

Online Marketing Foundations - By: Brad Batesole (Released Jun 29, 2018)
Learn today's online marketing techniques and find out how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display

Google Analytics Essential Training - By: Corey Koberg (Updated 3/6/2020)
Find out how your website is performing using Google Analytics. Discover how to use this leading analytics tool to track, analyze, and report on site visits and marketing goals.

SEO Foundations - By: David Booth (Released Oct 29, 2018)
Explore the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO). Learn the strategy behind great SEO including keyword planning, link building and SEO for ecommerce, and mobile audiences.

Google Ads (AdWords) Essential Training - By: Brad Batesole (Updated Apr 6, 2020)
Learn the foundations of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), the industry-leading PPC platform.

Content Marketing Foundations- By: Brian Honigman (Released Jan 21, 2020)
Explore the extraordinary value of content marketing and how it can benefit a business if executed properly.

Social Media Marketing Foundations - By: Brian Honigman (Released Jan 13, 2020)
Explore the basics of social media marketing. Learn how to leverage platforms like Facebook and Instagram to cultivate brand awareness, drive sales, and build customer loyalty.

Marketing on Facebook (2019) - By: Megan Adams (Released Aug 5, 2019)
Learn how to use Facebook for marketing your business. This course covers page setup, creating Facebook posts, using basic and advanced features, and more.

Marketing on Instagram - By: Anson Alexander (Updated 2/10/2020)
Learn how to market your product or service on Instagram. Explore features and strategies that can help you boost your sales and online presence using the popular social platform.

tematica Assessment & Strategy

Course delivered in English
Lessons: 2
Level: Beginner
Access: Free Online Course

This certification exam will test your knowledge in using LinkedIn's organic and paid advertising solutions throughout your media strategy. The certificate expires after 2 years.

This course will help you drive brand awareness on LinkedIn. You'll understand how to use the different organic and paid ad options, the steps to build your brand, and why LinkedIn is a good home to grow your brand.

Table of contents

  1. Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness
  2. Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation